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Monday, 15 October 2018

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    Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death worldwide, since no other reason causes death of so many people as CVDs do. Statistical indicators of recent years showed that every year 4 million people died of CVD in Europe, of which 1 million were in Russia. However, in recent years, our country demonstrated a positive trend in terms of reducing mortality from CVD. Thus, in 2017, the death rate from cardiovascular diseases for the first time since the beginning of the decade dropped below 600 per 100 thousand people. Last year, 858 thousand people died of diseases of the circulatory system, and this number was 5% less than in 2016. The important merit in the above-said belongs to the implementation of the primary vascular care program. There are more than 593 vascular centers operating in Russia, where new technologies for managing patients with complex conditions like acute coronary syndrome and cerebral stroke are introduced.
    But prevention remains the main weapon in fight against CVD complications. Mortality continues to decline thanks to the mass prophylactic medical examination, which has been held in the country since 2013. This allowed increasing the observative coverage of the population by 18%, almost up to 59 million people, which makes it possible to detect CVD at early stages more often.
    This year, the motto of World Heart Day, held annually since 1999, was: “My heart, your heart. Promise your heart ... ". Russia traditionally joined this global action and several events dedicated to World Heart Day were held in different parts of the country. The official websites of professional communities published materials related to the prevention of CVD and programs of planned activities. Social networks demonstrated materials on CVD and healthy lifestyle. Informative letters were sent to doctors and medical staff with a reminder about the control of risk factors and increasing the motivation of the population to this issue.
    Central and regional media presented a lot stories and reports., Apart from it, mass actions and events dedicated to World Heart Day were held in certain regions of Russia.
    Ulyanovsk (Volga Federal District).
    Over 500 Ulyanovsk residents took part in the action “Healthy Heart - Healthy Life”. The Ministry of Health, Family and Social Well-being of the Ulyanovsk Region, Ulyanovsk State University, Center for Medical Prevention and Healthy Image Formation, and Regional Cardiology Dispensary were the organizers of this large-scale action.
    This day one of the large shopping centers of Ulyanovsk organized “health grounds”. All interested persons could receive a consultation of a cardiologist, geriatrician, internal medicine specialist, and medical psychologist. In addition, it was possible to check the blood levels of glucose and cholesterol. The event included a large-scale flashmob in the format of a master class in recreational gymnastics for cardiovascular diseases.
    Representatives of sports communities # Juvenis # BegiZaMnoyUlyanovsk # BegiMed # organized a workshop on running and Nordic walking for visitors of the shopping center. At 1 p.m., an ice swimming demonstration took place at the Sviyaga river embankment near the shopping center. At the time of the swim, water temperature in the Sviyaga River was 8 degrees.

    Barnaul (Altai Territory, Siberian Federal District).

    On September 28 the representatives of various structures and institutions met on the pedestrian Malo-Tobolsk street of Barnaul to remind the citizens of their own health. It was the appeal of all concerned – medical doctors, politicians, employees of ministries and departments - to ourselves, people close to us and people around the world: "What can I do right now to take care of my heart ... and your heart?".
    All participants of the event could take part in a flash mob organized by medical students of the Altai medical university. It was possible to practice the basics of Nordic walking, to try to perform the algorithm of mutual assistance in life-threatening conditions, and to arrange so called plate of healthy products using food imitation.
    And, traditionally the mobile health center of the regional center of medical prevention worked, as it happened at many other thematic events. Everybody could measure their blood pressure and cholesterol levels and get advices of general practitioner after the examination. Barnaulians were able to visit the health center of the city hospital number 3, that was open at the same time in the “Pioneer” shopping center on the fourth floor. In addition, all participants received informative booklets on healthy eating, physical activity, bad habits refusal, and first aid in life-threatening conditions.

    Tyumen (Tyumen Region, Ural Federal District).
    As part of the social action, held under the motto “The Heart Day 2018: cardiologists urge to take care of men”, and dedicated to World Heart Day, the Tyumen Cardiology Center released social video and audio clips encouraging to take care about men’s health for municipal TV and radio streaming.
    Social videos can be found at the links:

    Vladimir (Vladimir region, Central Federal District).
    The day before the specialists of the Center for Medical Prevention held a medical and preventive event dedicated to World Heart Day on the territory of the Auchan hypermarket (Vladimir).
    They gave people reminders about risk factors for CVD, measured blood pressure to everyone and advised participants of the action on the topic “How to keep your heart healthy?”. To do this, you need to control your blood pressure, pass necessary clinical examinations on time, increase your physical activity, eat rationally and give up bad habits.
    It is worth noting that at the initiative of the Center for Medical Prevention of the State Healthcare Institution in the cities and districts of the region, physicians actively participated in the preparation of events dedicated to World Heart Day. A significant amount of printed materials published for this purpose (leaflets, booklets, memos) on the topic “How to keep the heart healthy” was distributed among the population, detailed information on this topic is available in various media and on Internet resources, more than that, numerous TV broadcasts and medical preventive events were held.

    Irkutsk (Irkutsk region, Siberian Federal District).
    A round table was organized in Irkutsk and it involved cardiologists and general practitioners from three regions of the district including Krasnoyarsk and Ulan-Ude. Professor Mamedov M.N. held a master class on primary prevention of CVD that lasted 3 hours. New international recommendations were discussed, as well as issues of prevention and the possibility of its implementation in primary care.

    Ufa (Republic of Bashkortostan, Volga Federal District).
    As part of the celebration of World Heart Day, an initiative route “10 thousand steps to life” was opened in Kirovsky district of Ufa at the initiative of the League of Health of the Nation. It passes through the pedestrian street of Lenin, Matrosov Park, Sofyushkina Alley, Salavat Yulaev Garden and back.
    Students, various organizations and communities, and participants of the project “Live actively” that actively promote a healthy lifestyle to the masses were the first ones to try the “10 000 steps” path. The project “Live actively” was launched by City Council member Svetlana Rodionova together with the Ufanet company several years ago. Free Nordic walking classes are held in the parks and squares of the city several times a week. In addition, anyone who wanted could undergo a cardiovascular examination and get recommendations from doctors in all medical organizations of the republic for 2 days.

    St. Petersburg (Northwestern Federal District).
    In accordance with the plan of activities of the Central District, an annual action for the population of the district, dedicated to World Heart Day, took place on the pedestrian zone on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street (Vladimirskaya Square). This event was organized by the healthcare department and local outpatient hospital.
    The event included a solemn part, which was attended by the heads of the administration of the Central District, the Healthcare Committee, the City Center for Medical Prevention, as well as by the heads of health institutions of the Central District and public organizations.
    The next event in celebration of the World Heart Day was the monthly action of the organization “Doctors of St. Petersburg” in the Moscow district, where they put a huge interactive inflatable heart model. Everyone could “travel” inside heart, and then get doctor’s advice and a health passport. About 7.5 thousand people visited this “inside heart” exposition.

    Moscow (Capital city, Central Federal District).
    Numerous events dedicated to World Heart Day took place in the capital, such as: “Learn Your Blood Pressure” campaign, open day events, classes on the prevention of hypertension, in-depth examinations by cardiologists and other activities.
    On open days in medical institutions, medical specialists talked about the dangers of high blood pressure, the risks of hypertension, early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and methods of their prevention, the importance of timely clinical examination, preventive examinations and examinations in health centers. Visitors underwent blood pressure measurement and trained to check it independently. Preventive medicine specialists, cardiologists and therapists answered questions.
    Information campaigns took place on September 29 at outpatient hospital No. 220, where doctors talked about early diagnosis, treatment and complications of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, including coronary heart disease and atrial fibrillation, and how to prevent these diseases.
    The action for World Heart Day was held also in the City Clinical Hospital. Named after I.V. Davydovsky.
    The open day was organized at the city clinical hospital named after V.V. Vinogradov on September 28, and the problem of “Treatment of heart failure in V.V. Vinogradov State Clinical hospital” was actively discussed there.
    Lectures were also held at the City Clinical Hospital No. 15 named after O.M. Filatov. Visitors learned about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and healthy nutrition and could undergo cardiological examination and to make electorcardiography and echocardiography of the heart.
    The Day of Healthy Heart was held on September 30 in the City Clinical Hospital named after E.O. Mukhin. The guests were consulted by a cardiologist and underwent electrocardiographic and echocardiographic examinations.



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