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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

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  • Another Tainted "Sartan" Recalled for Impurity ...
  • FDA Approves Eluvia Paclitaxel-Polymer Stent for PAD ...
  • Indirect Annuloplasty Device Reduces Mitral Regurgitation ...
  • Antihypertensive Therapy Reduces Alzheimer"s, Dementia Risk ...
  • Studies Find No Easy Predictors of Stroke Prevention in TAVR ...

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    • Another Tainted "Sartan" Recalled for Impurity
    • FDA Approves Eluvia Paclitaxel-Polymer Stent for PAD
    • Indirect Annuloplasty Device Reduces Mitral Regurgitation
    • Antihypertensive Therapy Reduces Alzheimer"s, Dementia Risk
    • Studies Find No Easy Predictors of Stroke Prevention in TAVR
    • Statins in Peripheral Artery Disease: What Are We Waiting For?
    • Beta-Blockers May Raise Mortality in People With Diabetes
    • Long-term Effects of Statins, Blood Pressure-Lowering, and Both on Erectile Function in Persons at Intermediate Risk for Cardiovascular Disease: A Substudy of the Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation-3 (HOPE-3) Randomized Controlled Trial.
    • Dementia Risk Higher in Congenital Heart Disease Survivors
    • New health trackers warn of heart-attack risk, discreetly
    • Nonrecreational Physical Activity Reduces Death, CV Events
    • HeartLogic Score at CRT-D Monitoring May Sharpen Risk Prediction
    • Early Menopause, Nulliparity Tied to Higher Heart Failure Risk
    • Early-Onset Hypertension in Parents Ups Risk of Hypertension in Offspring
    • PCSK9 inhibitor significantly reduced CV risk in ASCVD patients in FOURIER outcomes study
    • High SBP and associated morbidity and mortality increased substantially from 1990-2015
    • Pulmonary Embolism Blamed for One in Six Syncope Episodes in Italian Study
    • Being Active Lowers Mortality, CVD Risk in Rich, Poor Countries
    • ATACH-II Published: Intensive BP Reduction Not Needed in ICH
    • FIRE and ICE: Analysis Strengthens Case for Cryoballoon Over RF Ablation in Paroxysmal AF
    • FDA Approves Abiomed"s Impella Heart Pumps for Cardiogenic Shock
    • USPSTF: Final Guidelines on Aspirin as CVD, Cancer Prevention
    • High ApoB in Young Adults Predicts Midlife Atherosclerosis
    • Risk-Based Tops "Trial-Based" Primary Statin Therapy in Study
    • Cancers May Impair Heart Function, Even Without Chemo: More Evidence
    • Sex Differences in Cardiac Risk Factors, Perceived Risk, and Health Care Provider Discussion of Risk and Risk Modification Among Young Patients With AMI. The VIRGO Study
    • FDA: No Raised Mortality, Cancer Risk With Long-Term Clopidogrel
    • Blood Pressure Targets May Be Independent of Albuminuria
    • Drinking More Than Two Soft Drinks per Day Ups HF Risk in Men, Says Swedish Study
    • Report Highlights Risks of Bioprosthetic Aortic Valves: Reduced Leaflet Motion Observed by CT
    • New ESC Guidelines Stress Radial Access, 1-Hour Troponin Tests in NSTE-ACS Patients
    • HbA1c Adds Little to 10-Year CV Risk Markers: Analysis
    • Risk of Death Increased by 50% in Smokers With Diabetes
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Statins May Cut All-Cause Mortality
    • MESA: Impaired Fasting Glucose May Be a Risk Factor for Unrecognized MI
    • ESC statement in response to the FDA determination that trans fatty acids are no longer considered safe for consumption
    • Digoxin-associated mortality
    • Patient access to cardiovascular devices delayed by bureaucracy
    • Uninterrupted NOAC therapy during AF ablation is safe
    • Low stent thrombosis rates with primary PCI, regardless of antithrombotic choice
    • Obesity and mood disorders increase peripartum cardiomyopathy risk
    • Three of Five TAVR Patients Alive at 3 Years: UK Registry Analysis
    • AF Ablation: Esophageal Monitoring Harmful or Helpful?
    • TECOS: No Increase in HF Hospitalization With Sitagliptin
    • HTN Device Therapy Again? Arteriovenous "Coupler" Cuts BP in Early Test
    • Clopidogrel-PPI Interaction Questioned in Meta-analysis
    • Antidote Reverses Anticoagulation Activity of Rivaroxaban: ANNEXA-R
    • Cognition Can Falter in Chronic Heart Failure as Physical-Activity Levels Drop
    • Relative Value of Clinical Outcomes With Anticoagulants Varies Among Patients
    • Rare Genetic Mutations in LDLR and APOA5 Associated With Early-Onset MI in Men and Women
    • CE Gives "Thumbs Up" to Dabigatran for Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism
    • Many AF Patients Needlessly Treated With Antiplatelets on Top of OACs: SPRINT-AF Registry
    • Diabetes Patients With Mild Coronary Artery Disease at Risk
    • CT Flags TIA Patients at High Stroke Risk
    • Guidance to Help Cancer Survivors Avoid Cardiac Death
    • Controversial "New Events" in RE-LY Trial Now Published
    • Diabetes Is On-Target Effect of Statins
    • American College of Cardiology
    • ADVICE: Adenosine-Guided PVI Ablation Reduces Atrial Tachyarrhythmia Recurrence
    • AHA Provides Guidance on Noninvasive Tests to Evaluate Suspected IHD in Women
    • Athlete-Specific ECG Criteria Proposed for Sports Screening
    • Study Proves More Left-Sided Head Radiation During Cardiac Catheterizations
    • Inappropriate Prasugrel Use in One in Five PINNACLE Patients
    • ICD and Pacemaker Deactivation: Neither Physician-Assisted Suicide nor Euthanasia
    • When should a statin be started in a patient with type 1 diabetes?
    • ED Drugs: Prescriber Instructions Vital
    • Ramucirumab Hailed for Marginal Benefit in Lung Cancer
    • CMS Reminds Physicians of Meaningful Use Hardship Exception Deadline
    • Low Vitamin C Linked to Intracerebral Hemorrhage
    • Upping Coffee Consumption Protects Against Type 2 Diabetes
    • Green Teas Impact on Cognitive Function Now Visible
    • ED Drugs Linked to Increased Melanoma Risk
    • Informational bulletin Cardioprogress
    • Newspaper Cardiology today
    • FDA Panel Recommends 2 New Anti-MRSA Agents
    • Autism Rates Jump 30%, CDC Reports
    • SSRI May Negatively Affect Male Fertility
    • Lack of Vitamin D Linked to CVD Biomarkers, Inflammation
    • Flu Vaccine More Effective Than Last Years, CDC Says
    • Obama Proposes Third Year of Medicaid-Medicare Pay Parity
    • COPD: Clinicians Miss Myriad Chances to Spot It Early
    • Take Family History in Every New Cancer Patient, Says ASCO
    • International Heart and Vascular Disease Journal
    • Caffeine: No Downside, Hint of Benefit in Atrial Fibrillation
    • Gout Incidence Increasing, but Most Patients Go Untreated
    • Fruit, Tea, and Wine Could Guard Against Type 2 Diabetes
    • First AHA/ASA Guidelines to Reduce Stroke Risk in Women
    • New SGR Repeal Bill Includes Slight Pay Hikes
    • Glaxos New Doc-Pay Policy Mostly Pleases Critics
    • Head Blows Linked to Brain Changes, Even Without Concussion
    • As Herceptin Goes Off Patent, Biosimilars Emerge
    • BP, Cholesterol Drugs Recalled Over Fears of Contaminated Packaging
    • No Apparent Motive in Reno Hospital Shooting Deaths
    • COPD Linked to Cognitive Impairment and Memory Loss
    • Medicare to Pay for Multiple Chronic Disease Management
    • Few See Renewed Role for Rosiglitazone in Diabetes
    • Nut Consumption Linked to Lower Mortality
    • Novel Prion Disease With Peripheral Symptoms Identified
    • CMS Tool Tells Docs Whether Medicare Will Penalize Them
    • High Dietary Acid Load May Increase Diabetes Risk
    • Bacterial Toxin May Trigger Multiple Sclerosis
    • Editorial Claims Bad Rap for Saturated Fat, Disputes Dietary Dogma
    • Statins Linked to Cataracts in Large, Retrospective Study
    • Happy Hearts: Positivity Plus Exercise Linked to Lower CVD Mortality
    • CABG Reduces Risk of Death vs PCI in Diabetic Patients
    • Electronic cigarettes as good as patch for quitting smoking
    • Journal Metabolism and somatic diseases
    • Physician continuity important in reducing HF outcomes
    • Who, what, when? Questions over Heartware ENDURANCE trial
    • Early surgery bests "watchful waiting" in severe MR patients without symptoms
    • Some antihypertensives linked to breast-cancer risk
    • ACE inhibitors may slow cognitive decline
    • Perioperative beta-blocker controversy begins again with new meta-analysis
    • Stress CT perfusion matches SPECT for detecting myocardial ischemia
    • Aggressive glucose control no benefit in CV surgery patients with T2D
    • Just one in three US patients has control of BP and cholesterol
    • FDA refuses rivaroxaban stent-thrombosis indication for now
    • AMPLIFY: Apixaban in acute VTE as effective but safer than standard anticoagulation


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