Journal «Metabolism and somatic diseases»

Journal «Metabolism and somatic diseases»

"Metabolism and somatic diseases" is a medical journal for specialists in different fields of medicine – from internal medicine to interventional cardiology, from basic science to engineering of medical equipment . The journal is published four times a year in two languages (English and Russian) in printed and electronic forms. Printed version is available for free. All issues of journal are available for free on official website

The journal is registered by the Ministry for Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications of Russian Federation 30.07.2013 (PI № FS 77-54593).

The format of publications

The journal publishes editorials, papers on original research, review articles, experts’ opinion, guidelines, letter to editor-in-chief.

Main topics

Publication of scientific materials and articles for authors free of charge.

Circulation is 3000 copies. Published in Russia.

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