World Heart Day 2021








World Heart Day is a global health campaign. Its main task is to raise awareness about diseases of the cardiovascular system, the reasons for their occurrence and how to prevent them.

For the first time, cardiologists at an international congress in 2012 announced the need to establish a holiday. Then, in the presence of world leaders, shocking numbers were announced. More than 18 million people die from cardiovascular diseases worldwide every year. This is more than half of all deaths from non-communicable diseases, which means that heart attacks and strokes can be confidently assigned the status of "killer number one" among diseases on the planet.

At the same time, on the initiative of the World Heart Federation, it was proposed to establish a day when doctors and caring people would remind others and patients of the need to take care of the heart and take care of its health. The idea was supported by the World Health Organization and UNESCO. Today the holiday is celebrated in more than 100 countries around the world. By 2025, congress participants have set themselves an ambitious goal - to reduce the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases by 25% through extensive information campaigns around the world.

World Heart Day is meant to remind you that prevention is both possible and necessary at the global and individual levels.

Russia has also joined the international initiative. This year, September 29, the holiday will be celebrated for the ninth time. Despite the limitations caused by the coronavirus infection, complex measures are planned. The Cardioprogress Foundation, traditionally, is one of the active initiators of educational and medical campaigns. The goal of these activities is to promote healthy lifestyles, medical awareness of various segments of the population and self-control, which can ultimately reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.