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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

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    On behalf of Cardioprogress Foundation let us sincerely congratulate you with the World Heart Day!

                World Heart Day is celebrated annually starting from 1999, more than in 100 countries around the globe in the last Sunday of September. And in 2011, the World Heart Day. And from 2011 it has its own confirmed date- the 29th of September. Events, that take place during the World Heart Day are attract attention to the problem of cardiovascular diseases, it"s the world"s biggest intervention against these conditions. It’s utterly important to show the world the importance of healthy life style, and the influence of bad habits on the cardiovascular system.

    Since 2013 Cardioprogress Foundation is associated member of World Heart Federation and is taking part in every arrangement of the WHF.

                This is our first time in World Heart Day and our team has created and number of events and arrangements in Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation;

    • Spreading information about World Heart Day in social media: facebook, twitter, vkontakte and sending personal emails to more than 3000 subscribers

     • Placing materials and information on our web-site

     • «150 Leaders» Action.  Appearance of experts and opinion are leaders on morning conferences and meetings.  Cardioprogress Foundation prepared their materials, including press releases and slide-shows.

     • Measuring blood pressure and waist circumference at points of interest in Moscow.

     • Producing and distribution of posters in public places, including malls, drug stores, banks, bus stops, post offices etc.

     • National photo contest, themed “World Heart Day”. The winners will be awarded with valuable presents, and their works will be posted online on our web-site and in the next issue of Cardioprogress Journal

    • Flashmobs for medical staff, patients and teenagers.

     • Detailed report on the job done in to WHF HQ (Geneve).


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